Future of my plugins in this community

Before I do anything drastic, I wanted to ask for some ideas on how to best handle this.

I am growing increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into:

  1. Answering all the question about my plugins in this community
  2. Packaging my plugins for public consumption
  3. Dealing with compatibility issues with plugins I have never heard of and never will ever need in my work

It seems there is a great misconception as to why I even bother sharing my work with the community. My inspiration with the open source community costs me too my effort and time, and it seems I am hitting the limit.

So, my thoughts are to remove all plugins from the community and only maintain github repositories. Alternative ideas are welcome.

  • Please don't get me wrong. I am not fishing for sympathy or compliments here. I am really getting torn between keeping things as standalone plugins or just creating a bunch of recyclable classes. It seems that all of my plugins are becoming so intertwined that it would be just easier to keep them as dependency libraries and pulling into individual client projects on need basis.
    Juho mentioned in another thread that he is getting annoyed with plugins that package too much stuff, and that is how I start feeling about my own plugins.
    I have a feeling that no other Dev teams really use any of my work for that particular reason. Ideas and notions change so fast that I can't keep up with myself.

  • 1. When I post a question to your plugins page, I would never expact you to answer. It´s more in the hope to see if another user had the same problems and getting help from them.
    3. Same for the compatibility issues - the plugin´s discussions page just is the best place to discuss with the community about it

    Actually, I would suggest that we formulate better guidelines how to use the community in general.My perception on how to use the discussions changed a lot, and currently are:

    "bug/concrete suggestion on UX ->github ; Question/unspecific problem -> discussions"

    However, thats probably still wrong. I would suggest that we formulate the most imporant guidelines and show them to new user to better understand what to expact and where to discuss what. I could offer to put all this into a short but fast explainer video using ezvid.com (some experiance in that).

    You can´t imagine how happy I got when I first discovered your plugins and when I got it working on my own test site. (obviously same respect for other plugin developers and core team!).

  • No problem to download your plugins from GitHub. But would be cool to keep the central plugin "pages" here as a place for the community to discuss about it and help each other (Without needing you to step by and answer the questions)

  • How about when you click on Upload a new plugin here on community

    • you enter the URL of the github repository
    • system pulls in screenshots, readme.md and zip download link from github
    • when you tag a new release on github it updates here





  • We've been talking about that, however it's very complicated when you consider that some plugins (an increasing number in fact) rely on things like composer or git submodules to create the fully working end product.

  • I feel sorry for all the question/problems I make every time on the community, really. Lately I tried to limit them very much by the way and I try to do it only after many tests and better explaining what the situation is and what I did (less comments but better...or at leat this is my intention).

    But as others said I usually hope (and ask if) other community members have experienced similar problems and are wiling to share solutions just like I do the very few times I have some.

    At the end this is a community and sharing problems means (not always but often) starting sharing solutions.

    Some good ideas have been thrown here in my opinion (focus on the main one, do not dupicate efforts especially if good and supported plugins are already out<-this would surely increase cross-interest among devs to keep compatibility among plugins - ie. hypeWall with Tidypics, Videolist or iZap, other possible extension,...), the community site could offer some popups (not sure about how read this could be but...a try) at first 3-5 comments by new members asking if they tested the plugin on a vanilla install, ordered in the right position, whose settings are the ones recommended in plugin's page, server config is as suggested, post in the right language forum....).

    But what to do if we find incompatibility issues? That's always been my dilemma: will the author(s) like to know about them or just be p****** off? Again, I guess a community should help to find a way out.

    Ah, yes, here's another fish (the fact that you're not going fishing doesn't imply fishes aren't out there swimming, am I right Matt? :P) so....you are giving so much to this community, take your time, rest, smile and laugh at our comments.

    Ok, start now: guys I will take personal care of all your issues with ismayil's plugins, feel free to PM me.

    PS: for the ones who don't know me...don't waste time, I'm joking...can't write a single line of code :P

    EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to mention something which I used to say more often in the past. Community members, let's CROWDFUND AND DONATE which doesn't change any dev's life but helps to show our appreciation and make them drunk with some beer/wine to forget about our poor comments from time to time! :P

  • As Michele stated;

    Community members, let's CROWDFUND AND DONATE which doesn't change any dev's life but helps to show our appreciation and make them drunk with some beer/wine to forget about our poor comments from time to time! :P

    and as I posted earlier;

    There was a recent feature a number of us wanted so we crowd funded from members within the community $350.00 to pay to have it created. Perhaps something like that could be set up here as well.

    I know people can always make a donation. Many times people aren't sure if they should or if they do, how much?

    Could something be set up so community members could easily crowdfund and donate to a plugin? On the plugin page there is "Recommend" button, what about a crowdfund / donate or Sponsor this plugin button? Maybe a limit could be set so once a number of sponsors is obtained the button isn't there?

    I've seen where on some plugins it has said a plugin was sponsored by so and so. Perhaps community members could each pick a plugin or a few could group together to sponsor a plugin. This information could be available like group members so you don't have everyone sponsoring a single plugin.

    These are just ideas, and if people feel they are good ones, work on getting them implemented.

    In closing one other idea. Implement ways for the non coders in the community like Michele and myself to be able to contribute; like updating documentation and setting up a FAQ section perhaps that we can maintain? There currently is a FAQ plugin plus a Question and Answer plugin where they could be (with some slight modifications) implemented on elgg.org to divert many basic or repeated questions.

    Didn't mean to highjack this topic.

  • I am deleting all plugin projects from the community. Most of them will be available on github. If not, they are either dead, or I intend to make them commercial. Thanks for understanding.

  • Too bad see your plugins go from here...good luck Ismayil and very sorry for contributing stressing you :'(

  • It's not your fault, Michele. As they say, do good, then throw it in the sea. I guess after 6 years of trying to help the world, I need to focus on myself. Many in the community were tipping off my patience, and you might have noticed my inadequate reactions. It's better if I withdraw completely, and enjoy the dev-peace of github. I will pop in daily to read the discussions, but otherwise, I will only be available only for paid consultations. And I will invest more time into working on the core.

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