Future of my plugins in this community

Before I do anything drastic, I wanted to ask for some ideas on how to best handle this.

I am growing increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into:

  1. Answering all the question about my plugins in this community
  2. Packaging my plugins for public consumption
  3. Dealing with compatibility issues with plugins I have never heard of and never will ever need in my work

It seems there is a great misconception as to why I even bother sharing my work with the community. My inspiration with the open source community costs me too my effort and time, and it seems I am hitting the limit.

So, my thoughts are to remove all plugins from the community and only maintain github repositories. Alternative ideas are welcome.

    1. Well, there *is* the setting "Allow comments" for each release. But I guess then you'd just get more private messages.
    2. We should make this easier. Or preferably automatic. E.g. push tag to Github, and a release is created automatically
    3. I ignore 99% of these because 99% of the compatibility issues are not caused by my plugins
  • If there was a way to mark older plugins "No Longer Maintained" would be a good thing.

    People need to understand that plugin developers along with core developers give this stuff away for free.

    Any support we get is a bonus.

    You certainly can not be expected to maintain compatibility with plugins written by somebody else.

    and there is always the option to request paid support. I can not imagine trying to keep up with the number of plugins you have.

    my 2 cents :)


  • My humble suggestions will be

    1. See which of the plugins are in most usage (download stats, more forum questions, more github issues) and concentrate on those - for example, you can cut down to hypeWall, hypeScraper and Location plugins and improve them more. Prioritize. Can even set up a 2 minute poll ( 2 minute to set-up and 2 minute to answer) on what is most wanted here or on some polling site. A realistic number will be between 6 to 7.

    2. Concentrate less much less on plugins where similar plugins are there - example hypeGallery, Tidypics
    Concentrate more on plugins which has got no equivalent in Elgg - for example, there is nothing like hypeScraper. There is nothing like hypeWall and it can be improved to this level. There is nothing like this and this and these can be created.

    3. Clearly put in bold in project page "No comments will be answered by the Dev, users can help each other" & "All issues or enhancement requests to be made in github"

    4. Do not release plugins at all in community or github for which there will be no future support, those which will be dead for the next versions of Elgg


    If you cannot answer all questions or make solutions, please relax. The world is not going to end. If some of us sound too demanding just ignore with a smile rather than long or short answers in the forum :)
    Chill ! You must know you are an angel to many of us.

  • Ismayil Kharedinov you helped me so much.
    and i'm really grateful.
    I think if you never will ever Dealing with compatibility issues in your work, let people who have this problems make a fork.

    e não nos abandone.

    does not leave us alone

  • @Ismayil Kharedinov you have the best plugin community and sincerely thank you.


    No man can solve the whole problem, but God alone, so we are human beings. Making the decision to no longer share your plugins for raions questions or compatibility issues, this is not a good decision or nice, those who want to make its elgg as he wishes, he can concentrate on the tutorial Elgg.

    Brother KHAREDINOV IS., You have went ahead and did not listen to what people say, if it's negative, you're already a family to this community, I see you have love here, I would be glad to see you the day of the Elgg 2.0 hackathon in some day. I see @ E. WINSLOW has interested you a link.

    Spend moments.

  • Evan, how do we resolve all the composer, bower, node and other dependencies? Especially node, with all of it's nested trees are impossible to distribute.
    I have written grunt scripts that do packaging, from compiling manifest from json, compiling and minifying CSS and JS, running tests, creating and pushing a git tag, and producing zip. But that is useless to me as it only serves the community.
    My primary need is to create an Elgg build that I can work with without having to do download from community or do all the git hoola hoops to maintain subtrees.
    I would much rather have non-dist plugin lying on github with people running their own shell commands. I hardly ever use any plugin as is - they develop with each project I work on.

  • Please, don't bring god into this. He or she or it has nothing to do with anything.

  • I think dranii has some excellent suggestions and also said it very well with the comment, "you are an angel to many of us."

    Many years ago a wise man said; "Don't sweat the small stuff. It's all small stuff." I don't feel that any developer / programmer should be expected to be held to a standard or asked that their plugin work with every other plugin out there. Any community member expects you too has unreasonable expectations in my opinion

    If something requires more time or if it's something that is no longer being supported, there's no harm in expecting to be paid to make modifications.

    I use another non free script that has very few plugins and most of the plugins that are for it aren't free.

    There was a recent feature a number of us wanted so we crowd funded from members within the community $350.00 to pay to have it created. Perhaps something like that could be set up here as well.

    @Ismayil, whatever you decide on a course of action, I'm sure will be one that you have given careful consideration to.


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