What features would you guys like on my next plugin?

The plugin is called Helpr, which is a bunch of features at your command to enable. I'll be integrating my other plugins into here as well so it'll make my other plugins obsolete. Some of the plugins that are going to integrated, so far, are:

  • Disable right click
  • Customizr
  • Blog video cover

Features so far:

  • Change the colon in the title to whatever
  • Display unread messages next to the title
  • Check for new messages every so and so seconds and update the title to show the unread messages

Feel free to request features for this next plugin on this thread and the features you request must benefit everyone.


  • Don't integrate too much into one plugin. I hate it when I would want to use a single feature, but a plugin adds all kinds of stuff that I don't need.

    So this polls for new messages sent using the bundled messages plugin?

  • If someone needs a plugin for just one of the features in Helpr then I'll make it into a standalone plugin but for now it doesn't do any heavy lifting. 

    Yes, it polls for the core messages plugin.

  • Dilemma time. @Juho, I understand your point; "I hate it when I would want to use a single feature, but a plugin adds all kinds of stuff that I don't need." At least they can be turned off if not needed.

    On the flip side you might have to install three or more plugins to get the features you need which might also cause conflicts.

    If an plugin developer can make their job easier by combining plugins, then I could see them wanting to do so.

    Recently they were by two different developers but both for The Wire, I thought it would be neat if they could be in a single plugin.

    @Cim, being so new to Elgg I'm still trying to figure out what features I may or may not need in any plugin.

    This probably isn't what you are looking for. There is a feature I would like which relates to Blogs. It is the ability to add to an existing Blog like the blog here at elgg.org (I'm not talking about comments) with a date of the entry, for example:

    04/01/2014 New Medical Center
    Planning has commenced.....

    05/17/2014 Contractor Obtained
    ACME Building has been obtained and breaks ground on .....

    07/20/2014 Site Inspection
    Structure is complete and past inspection ....

    Option to add items by admin, original author, group owner or members of a group with the option of new entries at the top or bottom.

  • Nice to see you using my idea still lol was a great plugin you made, keep up the good work :)

    Would it be possible in this plugin to disable clicking tinypics images, view albums, and disable the clicking of pics that bring up the popup type window to view actual image? The disable right click works perfect but if you left click an image, the image pops out, then the disable right click doesnt catch it and right click can be used...

  • @Dan they are using the blog plugin but just really slimmed down version of it and seems like they're using a really old Elgg version too.

    @Vextah seems like that's another plugin issue and has nothing to do with my plugin.

  • blog.elgg.org will be retired very soon, it's embarrassing that it's so behind the times :)

  • Lol Matt, no worries. It does a great job of just serving blogs, nothing else nothing more. BTW Matt, the blog page of Elgg doesn't mention a 1.10.5 release? The download page says 1.10.5 is available.

  • There is no issue with other plugins, it's simply the tidypics 'enlargement' of a left clicked pic that your disable right click plugin doesnt cover....

  • I have to agree with Juho that that lightweight is better although I've been guilty of bundling at times as well...

  • @Vextah you would have to edit that plugin and disable it from there

    @twentyfiveautumn this plugin wouldn't unregister any hooks or page handlers...yet!

    I'm thinking of adding features where people have constantly been having problems, which is adding ads, analytics, etc.

    Right now, only admins will be receiving all the CSS, JS, and other libraries to load the front-end settings panel.