Do people want a Manager Role profile?

This has been brought up before here and there but I thought I would throw it out here just to find out (as a user I don't appear to be able to do a poll) how people feel on the subject?

For a small Elgg community where the admin does everything you only require two user levels, Admin and User.

Where you have a larger community or if someone sets up Elgg for a business or club etc where you need some management or moderation but don't want a person going in and changing settings, activating or deactivating plugins it's not an option.

What do people think of a third role where certain admin like features can be enabled? Group Tools I believe has this where the group owner can be changed and there is the group kick.

Some examples would be:

Users: Add, Edit, Delete

Content: Edit, Delete

Other ideas or suggestions?

I am not a developer or coder in any stretch of the imagination, don't think for a minute this is something I am going to create. I only posted this so those that are can decide if a manager role would be worth building into Elgg or a plugin.

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