Tidypics - Storing Width and Height of an Image

In Tidypics resize.php use function getimagesize to get height and width of the uploaded picture.

How can I save height and width values in the database and recall them when I load a gallery?

In a Tidypics pluging I'm writing I need to write:

                <a href="<?php echo $vars['url'].'photos/thumbnail/'.$image_guid.'/large';?>" itemprop="contentUrl" data-author="owner" data-size="<?php echo $width."x".$height;?>" />
                <img src="<?php echo $vars['url'].'photos/thumbnail/'.$image_guid.'/large';?>" class="elgg-photo" itemprop="thumbnail" alt="<?php echo $desc;?>" />

Thanks for help!

  • Hello to all, when i upload the images they become all equal, the same pic repeated by the number of images uploaded... :( Does anyone have the some problem??? Can someone help me?