Drop down menu on icon css help?


well i was wondering if anyone could

help me out i was trying to find this css

so the drop down menu of the icon of a user can be modified

how can i do that for example change the white color to another color

and also the hover ? any ideas?

heres an images what i mean


  • you people and your chrome/Firefox. Safari has the tools built in, also. 

    To answer your question. I will first explain how you find something. Using your preferred tool (safari, chrome, ff, not IE). right click on the element you want to change. find the css class (ie sub_menu).

    Put a copy of your elgg on your computer, download a text editor (like BBEdit, for the Mac), Next do a "multi file search" on the whole elgg folder for sub_menu . On my default install I get 14 occurrences in 3 files.


    Now the answer to your question to save you time this time. in your profile css file.  /mod/profile/views/default/profile/css.php

  • skotmiller


    Thanks for the help it solved my problem and saved me time

    thanks onces again(: