Custom index page

We are looking to add a custom index page, essentially a page with some basic info, with 2 button/links, One to register (which is working fine) and then the other to the default login page. The problem is that the login one is not working, it does not load, it acts as if it just refreshes the page. Any assistance with this please (without creating new themes or mods)?
The buttons/links are simple html <a href=""&gt; and, it is the index.php that refuses to load from this "intro.php" page we created.

  • This is essentially how we want the index page to be (without that 3rd column using the "Freedom! button"). Elgg wants either its login page (with walled garden) or the activity page (without walled garden) as its "index", and no plugin we have found out of the hundreds we have looked at will allow us to do this AND have everything else work properly. We want this intro page, with information we provide first, then the buttons to login  or register.


  • Hi MikeK, It might be frustrating on your side but Elgg is such a beautiful engine. You can make front page or custom index  for your website to look like  or to work like any website on Earth without any special app.

    For example here is my testing website with a landing page that supports all devices on earth. For example if you open your computer and go to this address you will see a desktop Facebook type default landing or index page for Elgg.

    Next, you can take your phone, mobile or Smartphone devices and type the address on this comment, you will see Facebook mobile or smartphone device's default landing or index page for handheld devices only.

    Hope this can help you to custom your site to make it easier for your users to sign in and enjoy the services that your site or company offers.



  • What you are asking for is perfectly doable, it sounds like you don't want to actually program anything though, you just want a plugin you can drop in.  In that case you should go over to the professional services group and see if you can find someone to do it for you.