Tag Option

how to use the tag plugin in the elgg site . i installed the plugin and do the steps follows:

Tidypics Photo Gallery 1.10.6 i use on elgg 1.10.2

  1. Copy the tidypics plugin folder into the mod folder on your server,
  2. Enable the plugin in the admin section of your site,
  3. Check if there's an "Upgrade" button visible on the Tidypics plugin settings page and if yes, FIRST make a DATABASE BACKUP and then execute the upgrade,
  4. Configure the plugin settings.

but i dont know how to use that plugin and which configuration settins are changed?

the tag option is cannot working tell me about this.

  • I'm not sure I understand what exactly you are asking.

    The Tidypics plugin has nothing to do with a "tag plugin". The Tidypics plugin itself offers the feature to add tags to photos that have been uploaded using the Tidypics plugin.

    Have you trouble installing the Tidypics plugin? If you freshly install Tidypics you won't see any Upgrade button on its settings page - that's only in case you upgrade from an older version of Tidypics.

    Installation of Tidypics works like with any other plugin:

    • copy the Tidypics plugin folder to the mod directory of the Elgg installation on your server,
    • activate the Tidypics plugin in the list of plugins on your Elgg site,
    • check out Tidypics plugin settings (settings page is available in the admin backend of your Elgg site). Make any adjustments you think are necessary (e.g. enable to option to add tags to images).

    For testing the tagging, create an album and upload an image to it. When viewing this image you will see the option to add a photo tag to this image above the full view of this image.