Elgg 2.0 maybe ?

I have (almost) rewritten the whole elgg engine on the cake php to increase performance , reduce maintenance .

Drupal went to symfony from Drupal 8 onwards that inspired me , and as I was more used to cake than symfony so I decided the same.

@elgg core team : can It be useful to prototype for elgg 2.0 or should I release it "unofficially" under my acount as elgg on cake ?

Any comments on my efforts to move to cake? 

PS : The files switched to cake were from elgg 1.10

  • What kind of enhancement does cake provide on elgg?

  • We're open to any suggestions that make the core better and reduce its maintenance work. We're in fact already using many third-party components within Elgg core.

    I'm afraid replacing the current master branch completely with a rewritten branch would cause a lot of problems with backwards compatibility. We could however take a look at your suggestions if you could provide them as individual pull requests in Github.

    Here you can see an example of how Steve replaced Elgg's custom version of Symfony HttpFoundation with the official one: https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/commit/30283f6dcdefa7b2823ddb15e598ab4030c3f795

  • Obviously without seeing your work we can't make any remark about how much of it will be usable. As Juho said, BC is a big concern.

    #7939 shows our current progress of (conservatively) formalizing Elgg into an Application object.

  • @Pranjal  I'd love to see here some code. You obviously have some repository that you could make publicly available so we could have a look. I generally prefer that in OSS world we just share our stuff and let folks decide what to use.

    Deciding to incorporate something we don't know nothing about into core is silly and is not going to happen. Make stuff public and we can start any discussion.

  • Ok thanx everyone for your response , so i decided that i would first launch it on github with some clearly written improvments then we would discuss what we should include in the core and what we should not !

    Will b back soon

  • Just for curiosity can anyone throw some light on drupal completly moving to symphony ? I mean how do they deal with all -ve points on BC?

  • All the public API functions just need to work exactly like they did before. Internally they may be different, but they still take the same parameters and return the same result.

    So instead of this:

     * Test foo
     * @return bool $result
    function elgg_test_something(array $foo) {
        // 100 rows of custom Elgg code here...

        return $result;

    The core could do it like this:

     * Test foo
    ​ * 
     * @return bool $result
    function elgg_test_something(array $foo) {
        $class = new Symfony/Component/Foo/Bar/Baz();
        $result = $class->something($foo);

        return $result;


    They both take the array $foo as parameter and return a boolean value despite the fact that the latter one is internally using a Symfony component.

  • I'm very skeptical. Please do post when you have code so we can have a better idea what you mean.

  • @Pranjal Any news with sharing the code?