Error with auto creat table

I am a student and studying about CentOS. I installed and configured ELGG to use with NGINX. I would like to ask for help with this error:

*3 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: Exception #1425288709 : fatal error in exception handler : Table 'elggdb.elgg_config' doesn't exist

If I understand it right, after configured, all the tables should be created automatically, and I got this error in the log file instead. Here are my configuration details:

ELGG was installed in /var/www/sampleweb/elgg/


$CONFIG->dbuser = 'elgguser';

$CONFIG->dbpass = '123456';

$CONFIG->dbname = 'elggdb';

$CONFIG->dbhost = 'localhost';

$CONFIG->dbprefix = 'elgg_';



mysql.default_host = "localhost"

mysql.default_user = "root"

mysql.default_password = "123456"


My configuration file of Nginx (default from ELGG sample)

server {
    listen 80;
    server_name elgg.hieudang.test;

    # Server root, replace it with your elgg installation location
    root /var/www/sampleweb/elgg/;
    index index.php index.html index.htm;

... }

I also granted all privileges to elgguser@localhost indentified by '123456' in MySQL. With this error, I am not sure if i made a mistake when installing ELGG or it was from MySQL. Any help is appreciated!

  • I'm hoping those are dummy values for your credentials there :)

    The first thing I would look at is the database itself - what tables are there?  Any at all?  Did you go through the installation process or did you create this from a backup or something?

  • I am studying so I followed the guide from internet. I logged in MySQL and created the database elggdb myself with no tables inside. Or did I understand it wrong and I have to create tables myself? Since none of the guides said anything about create tables in the database

  • No, Elgg will create its own tables.  I'm asking if you went through the process where it asked you for the database name, database username, password, data path, etc.

    Or did you just create your own settings.php?

  • Did you mean that there is a file to run and it will ask me for the location? I just downloaded the zip file from Elgg and extracted to my web folder /var/..., then edit the sample_settings.php (rename, edit). After that when I use address hieudang.test/elgg/ it gave me an error number, and I checked log file to get that error
    Here are the guide I used, combined with the guide to edit settings for NginX from official site because this guide is for Apache

  • It seems like I made a mistake when following the guide. This time I created a new virtual machine, and when I loaded install.php it returned a blank page. I am not sure what went wrong this time

  • You are not supposed to create your own settings.php file.  Delete it and try again.

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    We really need to lock down the news group...

  • Yeah, I need to start paying attention to where things are posted.  I haven't noticed a whole bunch that ended up needing to be moved.


    My problem was solved. The main reason was because of a missing module from my PHP, which lead to PHP could not read some files in ELGG installation source. May be it was not included in the source file I downloaded. An extra and not really important reason was, from my tutor's view point, the rewrite code for Nginx was not perfect and still missing something (I do not have knowledge about these kinds of code). Now I am using his tweaked rewrite rule code. Many thanks for all your help and replies. We can close this topic now.





  • which php module were you missing and how did you solve your issue?  I'm having the same problem but not sure how to resolve.