Need help with themes

Hi I have ask many people how I can change the theme on 1.10.2 I activate all plugins and I don’t see any menu on how to change the theme or change the site looks and feel can you help me my site is I am a disable veteran and trying to get a social  media site like facebook features but better, i want to includes a add section and charge for adds a small fee. and have stores set up for people to sale products for a small fee. I need to make a living since i am on a bed and no longer can support my family., can any one help me or direct me what to do please

  • When you're working with software of any sorts, it's always wise to read up on documentations:

    If you're gonna change the looks and feel of your site, you'd need to develop a plugin so you can make it the way you want it to look. The way Elgg works is through overriding views with php files and registering functions in your custom plugin. You would need to learn these:

    • HTML - fundamentals for a basic website
    • CSS - layouts, colors, etc., mainly for aesthetics
    • PHP - logics and functionalities
    • Javascript - Not required but it could enhance user experience