Why is my River totally crazy???

I'm using HypeAlive and my river is totally crazy about that! Look:


My River is showing a infinite bucle of the same posts and I don't know why . Please help!

I'n NOT using likes plugin so that's not the problem.

  • First of all, calm down and stop flooding the community. I have received at least 5 notifications from different discussion. It's disrespectful to assume people want to read your outcries, and it's annoying that you expect an immediate answer.

    First of all, I have not touched this plugin in over 2 years, so whatever version you are using is either a very old one, or one of the variations that someone shared with the community.

    Start by giving some background into the problem. Did it work before and suddenly stop? Or did you just install the plugin?

    What is are your plugin settings? Have you changed anything recently?

    What other non-bundled plugins are you using? Infinite scroll perhaps?

  • Hi, sorry about my impatience but this is very important to me, I'm working hard in a social proyect and this is making me crazy because  I thought disabling  the core likes plugin had fixed the problem, but now the problem is here again and I don't know why because I was disabling all plugins and download another versions os hypealive and the problem still here :(


    I'm using the last version now (https://community.elgg.org/plugins/1170003), but in all versions I have the same problem. I know this concrete version was made by Mariano, but I assume that you know better this plugin and I have the same problem in all versions I tested. 

    ¿Can be a database problem? Please help 

  • Settings: All active (comments, likes etc)And HypeSeach is active too

  • Turning off "thewire module" fixes the problem. I don't understand why, Thewire is a Elgg core plugin. I'm using Elgg 1.8.20

  • Now is crashing again with Thewire turned off, thats no make sense! That's crazy! 

  • Check your error logs

  • I,m cheking this but the error logs don't say anything about it

  • I,m cheking this but the error logs don't say anything about it

  • Stop panicking DavidDesign. :-) !!

    First: If this problem is due to HypeAlive plugin(and any other plugin) for some reason, deactivate the plugin on your production site so that your users don't suffer. You may leave a notice for the users that "This site is under a regular maintenance and some features may not be available." or something like that.

    Second: Test it on a localhost and try to figure out what is causing this issue.

    Third: Even then if you can't figure it out then explane your case here again. 

    Elgg Community is great and people here will not leave you alone until your issue is resolved if you just ask in an appropriate way. 

    PS: If you are testing it on a live server give its Web address.

  • Thank you so much for your answer VGNtl! 

    I have no users yet, I'm getting this error in http://social.presupuestocero.org. 

    I made a new instalation on http://presupuestocero.org and it's fine at the moment.

    Maybe is a database error??