Can I upgrade?

i am using Elgg 1.8.20.. can I upgrade it to latest version 1.9.10 directly?
what are the prequations I should take?

  • Well yes you can.. but i don't know where you got elgg 1.9.10 the new release is elgg 1.9.8.

    1) Don't forget to take an entire backup of your database & file 

    2) don't forget to take your engine/settings.php & .htaccess as a copy in your desktop (I prefered to delete the entire elgg 1.8.20 from my server & then copied the elgg 1.9.8. If your read the upgrade instruction you will see that settings.php & htaccess is the file that should be kept without replacing) Though htaccess does nothing as per my knowledge but it is prefered to follow elgg instruction.

    3) after you have done these things plz do run "" 

    4) You may get an msg if you keep your 1.8.20 elgg htaccess plz "update your htaccess as per htaccess_dist just do that"

    5) In my case whenever i run an maintanance are update "In Advance settings i uncheck if user can register" now when i did this website was not able to issue URL redirect so you should keep in mind to keep register checked in.

    6) Then don't forget to run the rest of the updates available in admin panel.

    That's it you're done a very smooth update from Elgg 1.8 to 1.9     

  • but latest is 1.10.2 so upgrade can be done from 1.8.20

  • Yes, you can upgrade, but take care to follow the instructions and advice at

    • If you intend to upgrade from 1.8 to 1.10, you need to upgrade first from 1.8 to (latest available) 1.9 and only then to (latest available) 1.10 version,
    • It might be best to check for plugin compatibility of any 3rd party plugins you use on your site with Elgg 1.9/1.10 before starting the upgrade. While plugins that work on Elgg 1.9 will also work on Elgg 1.10 almost for sure there might be some problems with plugins that were released for Elgg 1.8 but not yet updated for Elgg 1.8. While some plugins for Elgg 1.8 will work fine also on Elgg 1.9/1.10 it's better to make sure there won't be any problems after the upgrade (or you might have to disable them until the problems are fixed which might not be the best way to deal with it in case the fixing of the issues takes longer).
  • I don't think so it's wiser to update from elgg 1.8 to elgg 1.10 well if your going to try that your taking a lot of risk. It is better to go in order elgg 1.8 to 1.9 then to 1.10