associated access level creation?

By Shawn

I am coming from a vbulletin background just in case that helps people figure out where I am coming from.

Here is what I am trying to do:

1. Create an additional group where I can assign individual Permissions to that group.

example: In my vbulletin setup I have normal groups where users in normal group are allowed to pm other users.

I also created  another group where they have all permissions that registered users have, but are not allowed to pm, call this registered-jr

Or I have other groups that are allowed to read a specific forum but not post to it, or can reply but not post new articles.

addaptation to elgg concept:

My portal will be based upon the assumption that most groups are actual church's. I would have the church administrator setup their elgg group.

The biggest concern I hear from the pastors, is what happens if an 'old member' of the church comes and joins the group and starts a flame war. Well if the group is 'by invitation only' then they can kick them out. However having 'by invitation only' is a bad idea for the church as they want to remain open to the public, but only allow 'actual church members' to post to the wire, public can read it.

They may even want 'group moderators' that are allowed to update the calendar, or upload files, which of course they would not want a regular group member to be able to do that.

I can go on and on, about the reasoning for multiple 'associated access level' groups creations. As an example, my primary vbulletin installation consists of almost 50 different 'member levels' which allows me very precise streamlined control over what each member is allowed to do within a group.

make sense?

Is this a plugin, core feature I am just missing, or not available?

if not available, has it been discussed somewhere for future addition?

(new to elgg, but learning very fast, and no I am not a freeloader, I pay for all mods, just ask iZOD about me lol, 3 days into elgg and already spent $150 on mods)