Network to barter time


I have been asked to make a network where people can exchange little works.

For example you mow the lawn for somebody - then you get for example 2 hours on your time-account. Later you change this 2 hours with other people, who are helping you with something.
What I need would be a plugin which can handle this "currency".

Plugins, which I found, which are interesting are these ones:

Maybe somebody has some experience with that and can help me a little bit!
Thanks a lot!

  • I would have suggested to take a look at the Userpoints Balance, too, if you wouldn't have already found it on your own. The Userpoint Balance plugin builts up on the Userpoints plugin to be found at (which provides the userpoint "API" and uses this API itself to provide a points system for user actions on the site).

    If you don't want to use the "userpoints" currency (which could also be earned by actions on the site), you could use the Userpoints plugin as starting point to create a separate "currency" / time-account for the work they've done (value also saved as metadata). Basically, the same functions could get used but with a different type of entity / metadata instead of the userpoints. It's very likely that you wouldn't need a lot of the Userpoint plugin's code for your task - as I said the userpoints are also gained for a lot of actions automatically.

    Another plugin that builds up on the Userpoint plugin is the Gifts plugin ( This plugin allows to send other users virtual gifts that can also be "paid" by spending userpoints. Maybe such a feature would make sense in some way with what you have in mind, too. The userpoints value of a gift is just substracted from the members account who sends the gift but it would also be possible rewrite the code to add this number of points to the other member's account who receives the gits. The "gifts" could then be kind of tokens for certain tasks (like mowing the lawn) with a fixed "price".

  • Wow, thanks a lot...
    Two very good suggestions...

    I will set up a new elgg tonight - then I will try both!


    Thanks a lot!