Allow Community members to vote on tickets

Although votes aren't going to change the distribution of free time devs have to contribute, this is potentially very useful data that could influence what we and plugin devs choose to work on.

Anyone think building this into community is a bad use of our time?

  • You could also use a thing like this: which intergrates nicely with github and adds voting capabilities to tickets (but then we could only use it on github).

  • We should ask Github whether they are planning such feature. If not, we could make a feature request.

    The voting feature itself would be useful, but I wouldn't want to duplicate the issues into the community.

  • It might make sense to allow voting if the number of open issues is not too large (which I think is currently the case) or if the number of potential voters would be quite high. Otherwise the votes will only get split between too many issues and you wouldn't get any real favorite issues to fix.

    And independently from the free time problem, if there's no real commitment from the core devs to concentrate on the issues that had been voted on the voters might get quite frustrated. Before the release schedule was changed to a time-based schedule there were usually 10-20 issues assigned to the next upcoming release to give kind of a focus. But with the time-based schedule it's no longer done this way and I also got the impression that any kind of roadmap is declined. Wouldn't the voting on issues result in kind of a roadmap, too?

  • It would be useful since it'll notify developers on what new features are going to be released. Developers can prepare their plugins before the new Elgg release. The community can benefit as well since it shows that the core team are being active.

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