@ mentions in group discussions?

I was just wondering if it is possible where people can @ mention people in group discussions, especially in discussion replies. I'm willing to disable the HTML editor just so I can acomplish this. 

  • There's already a plugin that offers what you are looking for: https://github.com/Elgg/mentions (it's available just on github but not on the community site). You don't even have to disable the HTML editor for it to work.

    Then there's the Wire Tools plugin (https://community.elgg.org/plugins/1608487) that does the @mentions replacement for wire postings. In case you intend to use both it might be necessary to test for possible conflicts (I've not tried this myself yet).

  • @iionly It works just fine in the wire and some other places. Idk if it's my river_addon plugin or what that's helping do that. However, mentions in group comments on discussions doesn't work. I also use live_notifications so I'd like for it to work with live_notifications too.


    My social network is going to be very groups-focused so I want to make sure group discussions are in full functionality, including @mentions. 

  • @iionly good Hint. I have combined The Wire Tools and Mentions. There is a conflict on the Wire-Post-Form, but i like the functions of The Wire Tools, eg. the Group-Wire. So i overwrite js/thewire_tools/site.php (commenting out the autocomplete-function) and unregister the action thewire_tools/mentions_upgrade in my theme-plugin. But it would be great to combine these two Plugins in the future without conflicts ;-)