Garbage Collector + Logrotator Conflicts

Just to update anyone else who has run into this problem. For kicks, I disabled Garbage Collector and ran CRON via my browser ( by using the following URL: http://YOUR_DOMAINpg/cron/weekly ) and it worked. I did the same for Log Rotator and guess what, I worked. What I have found is that the two will NOT work together (both plugins enabled)....

As far as the cron script executing, here are the results it is reporting:

Subject:  Cron <EMAIL DELETED>

$GET ${ELGG}pg/cron/hourly/

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/GET: No such file or directory

  • GET is a perl script that hits a url. It looks like your server doesn't have it or it is in a different location. wget is another possibility for this.


  • Another vague reply!

  • As a matter of fact, I write a perl script to clean up the mess... wget? Why not use curl instead? Afterall, all we are doing is calling a specific URL.... We I do complete it, I will post more than a vague reply. I will actually give someone working code / solutions.

  • Dave, the good news is that version 1.5 of Elgg will include a self-triggering cron-like capability: - a sort of poor man's cron

    And yes, curl is another possibility. I don't think it is as widely installed as wget which is why I mentioned wget.

    Are you sure that the plugins are conflicting? I haven't heard of anyone else having that problem.

  • Yeah I'm certain.  To solve my problem, I wrote a snippet of code that calls the database directly via php to rotate my logs table. With cron, it is doing what should be done. I read about the "poor man's cron" and it's documentation is buggy itself. To quote:

    The script is triggered on the system shutdown event.

    But later on in the documentation it states:

    Since the plugin relies on visits to your site in order to trigger, some events may be missed or triggered late. However, on a busy site this should result in cron events triggering near enough to the appointed time.

    This is what I mean by vague examples and vague documentation. I am greatful for learning about this software. I am NOT happy that with the likes of Harvard using such software, the application is always in need of repair/upgrades/versions/etc. THIS REMINDS ME MICROSOFT releasing KNOWN bug riddled Operating Systems.

    As a suggestion to the admin/developers/etc., a house is as only as strong as its foundation....I am not speaking in terms of the code itself, but more so in the nature of users [of this tool].

    Core features such as the ability to regulate who joins the site, the ability to change an inappropriate user photo, a better walled-garden, admin receiving email alerts when someone joins, post messages such as blogs, content, etc. would be great along with all the other "plugin" requests of substance!

    It is rather odd to start building a home only to find that you need to hire additional workers. Does one REALLY get on a plane, wait until the plane is 20,000 ft. in the air AND THEN DECIDE A DESTINATION?



  • Hi Dave,

    You seem to be assuming that Elgg is like a house. It's not. It's a set of construction tools that lets you build your own house.

    It's definitely not a stand alone application.

    If the functionality is not to your liking, then I suggest that you build what you need, or if you cannot, wait and see if someone does it for you and is generous enough to release it as a plugin for you to use.


  • Hi Kevin,

    I guess you are NOT reading my entire post. As you over-looked the fact that I did WRITE MY OWN CODE.  If you are not here to help, why bother? Was it b/c I mentioned one of your plugins?

    Speaking of which, why waste time in this thread instead of porting your old plugins (v0.9) over to 1.2 or 1.5? Oh, I'm sorry, are you waiting for us to "fund" your work? Don't take half of my post to make your point! And I am SURE you understood the point I was making...

  • Hi Dave, I am sorry you are having issues however personal attacks on other users will not be tolerated. Consider yourself warned.

  • Kevin should not have taken that as a personal attack. His plugin does state "funding was provided by...". I am not ready to invest in paying for one plugin when I am having problems with core functions. Kevin could have contacted me offline with what he posted or at least, type something to help solve the problem for not only me, but anyone else in the future. Those that do know how to fix something should share information and not think that b/c it works in their server environment, it should work in others.  If banning people who are trying to get help on an issue is what you want to do, should people who are new to this should not use the forum?

    18 days before me, someone posted what I have been feeling as well: