How do I turn off the depreciated in... messages on production site.

I have two sites. One is my live site and one is the test site. I have page after page of red alert bubbles that keep appearing with depreciated messages when I am logged in as administrator. I want to shut these off on the production site. I will work through the problems on the test site. How do I switch off the overkill of every instance an event fires getting a depreciated warning?

Please help

  • You cannot shut down those.

    Visible warning message means that the deprecation has happened a long time ago. (Warning about recently deprecated features go only to the server log, and are not visible on the site.) The whole point of forcing those to be visible is to make admins realize that something *needs* to be done.

    So the correct course of action at this point is to just upgrade your plugins to use the recommended functions instead of the deprecated ones.

  • @ Juho. I am new to elgg. I sometime know which plugin is causing that warning but sometimes I have no idea of the source of the warning.

    How do I pin point which plugin is causing that depreciated warning? Second, If a plugin I am using dose not have an updated version what should I do?

  • How do I pin point which plugin is causing that depreciated warning?

    You can try disabling each plugin one by one to see when the warning disappears.

    After that use a search tool to look for the string in the plugin's code. On Unix-like systems (e.g. Linux) you can use command line tool like grep. Also most IDEs have a search feature by default.

    If a plugin I am using does not have an updated version what should I do?

    • Ask the plugin author if s/he is working on a new version. (Sometimes when I update my plugins, I just forget to publish them also in the community)
    • Learn Elgg and update the plugin yourself
    • Hire a professional to update it
  • @ Juho. Thanks. Roger that.

  • @Juho - Is there a quick start guide to upgrading plugins and a reference pointing to depreciated methods and replacing them with up to date methods. I am learning to program elgg, but in the mean time, I simply need to resolve these errors.

  • (Don't be alarmed that Elgg 2.0.0 is also mentioned there. The upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9 was quite a big one, but as you see, the others are much more simple.)

  • There aren't examples for each individual deprecated function. You can however take a look at the /engine/lib/deprecated-1.*.php files. Use the calls inside the old functions as examples of how the new functions should be used.