Creating a Theme from Scratch

Is there somewhere that explains how to create a theme from scratch?

Right now I have taken my design from Photoshop and turned it into an XHTML template and now I don't know how to create a theme. Everything I have read says to just take a theme and edit the CSS? 

I am used to creating Joomla templates and WordPress themes but this is completely different it seems.

I have looked at the idots guide on here but that again is just how to edit themes in css.

Any help wold be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • Themes in elgg are driven by something called, views. This should spark, if you're a developer, some common nostalgia regarding the Model View Controller. Technically, you will seperate all the code, engine, UI from your views (which are your templates).

    Read the links I posted, then post here with specific questions you have regarding any issues you might encounter.

    Something to take a look at would be to search the plugins for themes and study how they work to get an idea of how to develop your own theme.

    Mahmoud Abdelkader

  • @KK

    Listen to @MA....

    He is giving superb advice...!!!
    MVC ( + OOP ) is **exactly what Elgg design is about



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  • Thanks guys, it is starting to make since to me now. I was confusing my self reading up on things that were from older versions of Elgg.

    I understand now how the pageshell works and the page_elements folder. 

  • Ok two more specific questions.

    1) Is there that just has the login box like the forgot password or register? If not how do I create one.

    2) How do I add a static page that I could add PHP to , etc?

    Thanks again.

  • elgg themes are the complete opposite of WP. Once you get it though you can create endless "views" for what ever you need. i.e. mobile.

  • @mahmoudimus

     Hi, I'm very new to Elgg and PHP(a beginner), I using Elgg 1.8 now, I would like to know customizing the Theme for that Elgg 1.8, I have create CSS and HTML from a Photoshop design which is ready with me, now I would like to know how to implement that theme in to it.

    Your reply will surely help me to go further.


    Harishankar Naganathan.