upgrading videolist to 1.9/1.10

is anyone here actively upgrading videolist or intending to?

  • i found the 'official' version of videolist on github and have forked the working branch. it has some of the features i wanted to add, already in it - such as providing a way of editing the video description before saving the video.

    changes i have made:

    • updated the video 'grabbing' urls to be https
    • increased the size of the thumbnail grabbed from youtube.
    • added conditional logic to only show the 'more videos' sidebar widget if there are more videos available
    • other code upgrades due to elgg api changes.

    but is anyone actively supporting this? or will the changes just sit in github?

  • Doesn't seem like it has been updated in a while: https://github.com/Elgg/videolist

    Then again, when it has been, it's been done by some of the most active community members like Steve and the Coldtrick boys. If they do not notice this thread, it might be best to send them a PM. (Or just create the PR and see if anyone is interested in it.)

  • ok, once i return to this (soon), i will look to add PRs