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Hello Everyone, I am using elgg 1.9 and I have my own php system which have it's own login form. I want my login form to log in to both my system as well as elgg 1.9

If anyone can help me please?

  • [I moved your reply to its own topic.]

    Will users be able to register through the Elgg site directly? I recommend not (disable self registration).

    Is your existing site based on an open source product or homemade?

  • The harder part is single log off, so you may want to think about what you want to happen when the user manually logs out of either site or if her session expires on either site.

  • No I have already disabled user registration.

    Log off is a not a problem, I want a single login. for both my site and Elgg.

    My script is in path:



    and elgg is in path:


    My site is created by myself.

  • I've put together a new plugin Simple Single Sign On API that may help you here. This hopefully will give you (and others) a big leg up to building SSO systems with Elgg.

    (The primary value is that it integrates UserlandSession, allowing a session to be bridged across apps, even if they already have their own incompatible sessions. Theoretically the session could be read/write by non-PHP systems if you're willing to port the necessary UserlandSession pieces.)

  • I will check and will inform you....

    Thanks :)

  • I am getting this when I activate the plugin: 
    Composer is not set up: cd mod/mrclay_sso/ && composer install

    Can you please guide me step by step how to install it, I will be really thankfull to you. I am trying to do this from the last 5 days but no success

  • I think there is some issue in path:

    this should be:

    Am I right?

  • Hi, I have wordpress and Elgg installed side by side in different directories. Having very little tech knowledge ive been trying to find a solution to allow my users to login and register on wordpress, and then access elgg.. Im not bothered if they have to phsyically log into Elgg through login box, , just need the login credentials to be the same. Can this plugin be used for this scenario... is it challenging to set it up.  

  • I've done something similar (creating duplicate accounts between wordpress and Elgg) in the past.

    The trick is to create some webservice endpoints that accept the username/email/password that were just created in wordpress, and it creates them in Elgg.  Then you hook into the wordpress create user events and ping the elgg endpoint with your information (and a cryptographic token) such that Elgg then has the same login credentials as wordpress.

    However if you have very little tech knowledge I'm not sure that helps you - you'll likely need to hire someone either way.

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