my elgg community is messed up

Hi, well currently i was messing around by mistake

in the site admin settings and i changed the

the url of it and it messed up everything now its not getting

on to work so i deleted the community of elgg and installed it again

and deleted the database also and did it again and installed it from top again..

but when i put the elgg/data

it says

this The full path to your site root on your disk, followed by a trailing slash:

i enter that and at the bottom

The full path to the directory where uploaded files will be stored, followed by a trailing slash:

this is when i put the elgg/data

now it sends me to a yellow highlighted page it says

Your data directory /home/xx09/public_html/elgg/Data/ must be outside of your install path.

then i enter the data outside the directory like this


now it gets me a big error message ahhh..

it says

Internal Server Error

any help with this can someone help me please

im frustrated....

thanks for you alls time