stuck in between floors in the elevator at 'elgg towers'

i am still using elgg 1.8 here in production, since there are still key plugins that have not been upgraded to 1.9+.

i already upgraded my own plugins (mostly) to 1.9 level (basically - without optimising js for AMD) and now am looking at 1.10 and wondering where to go with this. do i skip 1.9 altogether? i can only see 2 plugins that are listed for elgg 1.10 presently.. is that a problem?

can i just use 1.9 plugins in elgg 1.10 anyway without any problem? the claim was made by core devs that 1.8 plugins would be ok in 1.9, but that was not the case at all... so i am wondering if anyone has any concrete info and tips from experience here?