Don't Fear the 2.0

For a long time I think we've been holding the idea of Elgg 2.0 up as this huge event where we have to make radical improvements in lots of different areas. This is partly because we know there will be backward incompatible changes, so we want users to get a big return on that pain of upgrading. We're also fearful of the backlash awaiting us for breaking plugins.

I think we should schedule 2.0 for April or July and not make a big deal about it. We don't have to do anything game-changing, but we can at least start executing on ideas that aren't BC. We can't avoid BC breaks forever and I think living with the pain of some of our past decisions is not good for the health of our community of code and design contributors.

  • Business moves at a different pace.  None of our clients are in a hurry to upgrade from 1.8 except some poorly coded projects I've inherited that require a lot of rewriting anyway.  That said, all new projects are being started off in the newer elgg versions, so adoption of the newer versions is happening at the rate of new projects.  Unfortunately those running 1.8 (and there is a lot) will get left behind in time, but that's a management decision that usually includes the factor of available funds.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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