Don't Fear the 2.0

For a long time I think we've been holding the idea of Elgg 2.0 up as this huge event where we have to make radical improvements in lots of different areas. This is partly because we know there will be backward incompatible changes, so we want users to get a big return on that pain of upgrading. We're also fearful of the backlash awaiting us for breaking plugins.

I think we should schedule 2.0 for April or July and not make a big deal about it. We don't have to do anything game-changing, but we can at least start executing on ideas that aren't BC. We can't avoid BC breaks forever and I think living with the pain of some of our past decisions is not good for the health of our community of code and design contributors.

  • I also fear 2.0 and the current speed of releases and also a BC breaking change.

    While I was still upgrading plugins to 1.9, there is 1.11 and soon 2.0. In contrast with IIONLY I tend to wait for a release that has a focus on new features and I do not try to keep up with the release schedule anymore.

    Allthough upgrading to 1.9 was quite smooth , testing takes a lot of time. Waiting for a stable release (in terms of BC) with a lot of new features will make it worthwile to upgrade and therefore gives me a good reason to upgrade my plugins as well.

    As to a roadmap, It does not need to be a big thing just a rough timeline on expected features so users and developers get more excited about what to look forward too. It also does not need to be something with strong committment to the timelines. Just move around the features as priorities change.

    But without a  roadmap there will be way to much focus on compatbility and consistency of the API, which seems to be the case right now.

  • > Allthough upgrading to 1.9 was quite smooth , testing takes a lot of time

    That is because you have to test everything manually. We'd like to change that.

    > just a rough timeline on expected features

    Best we can do is announce what is in master but not yet released to the world. Anything other than that is just setting folks up for disappointment.

  • @Evan, automated testing would be a very welcome addition to the platform.

  • I'm on board with that plan for what it's worth

  • Sounds like we have an agreement then!

  • I don't think it is fear. People don't see the need to upgrade from 1.8 to 1.9

    How so?

    1.8 was a huge step forward for elgg. It was by far a much needed upgrade. New dashboard, new look, new features. Now we have 1.9, 1.10 and 2.0 in the horizon. 1.9 and 1.8 "don't look different". I put that in quotes since most elgg administrators won't update because "it looks just the same, nothing new". Not many people moved to 1.9/1.10 because of that. We upgraded and even created new themes that are not for 1.8, and for our surprise 94% of the orders we get, are for themes and plugin that are for elgg 1.8. Even so, projects that we get are for 1.8 networks.

    It is hard to encourage people to upgrade (*Windows XP case) but once they "see" significant changes they do change. That's the main problem. We all know 1.9/1.10 has several features, and for me 1.9/1.10 is faster than any previous elgg version. But that's something your regular users don't "see" those changes.

  • @RJ If it's pleasurable for your team to code for older versions I see no problem in it. If it's not, charge clients more.

  • We left elgg 1.8 some time ago, old plugins are under the "Legacy" section. This is not about pleasure or wanting to stay with elgg 1.8 It is about the rating of the adoption of elgg 1.9/1.10


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