Plugin to embed video from just url?

I'm running 1.9.8 and have been searching through the plugin's to try and find one where it will embed a youtube video simply from the url.

There was an old one that doesn't appear to work with 1.9.

I took a look at iZap but it's allowing me to upload videos to the server and I don't want that. I have posted a comment asking if it's possible to have iZap work by just entering the url.

I know there is the 'HyperWall' that might do it but I'm not using the wall feature. This would be for posting mainly in blogs, pages and discussion.

Does anyone know of a plugin that will do what I'm looking for that also works with 1.9?



  • Thank you. That fixed part of it, unless there is another step or if I have to clear the cache.

    For the reply on a conversation it worked.

    For a comment on a Blog entry or bookmark entry it still didn't work.

    I've double checked everything and have a screen shot. I've even tried flushing the cache.

    Setting for Ember Extender

  • Try


  • Sorry it didn't work. I tried


    and also tried putting at the top and bottom in case the order made a difference.

    It just makes it a link.

  • Regarding iZAP Videos: You can easily disable on-site video uploading via settings. I have, in my test environment, iZAP videos - Revised Edition by iionly. Disabling the video upload is just a setting (not under plugin settings but under 'Utilities' though).

  • Thank you about the iZAP but for embed to work for off server HTMLawed needs to be disabled which they advise against.

  • @Dan is there any other plugins that might override the blog's views? Try running upgrade.php and see if that does anything. As you can see in the screen shot, I can embed videos in comments by extending the view object/comment

  • @Cim

    First, thank you for persevering with this to see if the solution to why it isn't working can be found.

    I ran upgrade.php  and no errors or messages, it just took me to the admin since I was logged in and said it was up to date.

    I went through my plugins and can tell you the following.

    Embed 1.9 -> Not Active

    CKEditor Extended 1.0 ColdTrick -> Active which I Deactivated

    Elgg Customizable Markup Language 1.8 -> Active which I Deactivated

    Embed Extender 1.8.3 double checked settings which are correct. Allow custom providers is 'No'

    I then Deactivated and Activated it again.

    I've flushed the cache.

    It didn't make a difference. It still works in the Blog and for replies to a topic. I doesn't work for comments on the blog and bookmarks.

    I've read the order of plugins can make a difference. Embed Extender is at the bottom should I put it at the top?

    I noticed under mods there is a /blog folder and /bookmarks folder but not a /comments folder. Is it possible one of the files for comments is corrupt which isn't allowing the plugin to work properly?






  • It didn't make a difference. It still works in the Blog and for replies to a topic. I doesn't work for comments on the blog and bookmarks

    Comments as in the sidebar comments for blogs?

  • Comments made on the blog and comments made on bookmarks. I'm not seeing a sidebar (I must be blind).

    I've created a user 'test' with the password 'pass123' if you want to test / see what I mean.

    Here is my site: version 1.9.8

    I could even add you as a temporary admin if needed.

  • I see what you mean, I've done a test and it doesn't seem to load. Not really sure what's going on but here's my settings for embed extender