Account preview for admin

I use every anti spam plugin there is and even developed one but the army of fakers and not honest people is still capable to sneek in (about 50% of the registrations). My biggest concern as admin is therefore to spot them as soon as possible and prevent them to harm the image.

So I recently decided to move to admin approval from email approval. There is one advantage to that, if you allow them and the profile still gives you reason to delete them, you can do that without them able to publish anything.

But since I did that, it made my job harder. I do not have enough information to make a good decision whether one is or might be a spammer/faker.

So I'd like to preview the profile, before making such decision. Is there someone who already made a plugin for this, if not is anyone interested in making it. I will cooperate and share the development effort with you if you bring some skills to the table as well.