issues while trying to install elgg on my server

hi there - hello dear friends

well i have very very serious issues while trying to install elgg on my server

i get a 500 error - when i try to install.


this was caused by the automated way of installing - i tried to fill out the fields and after sending it to the server i got the 500 er error. Plz advice !

BTW: - after this bad bad trial i tried to do it manually - but i had some issues with the script i have to edit  - with all the serrver and database-specific entries. What should i do.

Edit with or witout the brackets !?  i mean there are some bracktes (double-brackets) that are funny - i never ever had to do with those brackets. Should i leave them out or should i let them - and enter the data to the brackets...


i look forward to any and all help thx alot inadvande



  • Hi joo_bert,


    if you look further in thze file you will find a localhost entry... I took this syntax, without the double brackets... just: 'localhost' or so...


    Best eru