Possible to Deactivate Reshare?

Hello to all,

can some one please help to to dissable the reshare funktion?


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  • I'm not aware of any "reshare" function included in Elgg core (and bundled plugins). What exactly do you mean by "reshare" function? If the function is provided by a 3rd party plugin then deactivate this plugin to disable this function.

  • Well could be the plugin thewire_tools but still im no developer I know css1/2/3

  • You have to be more specific than that Pala

  • Well, it should not be too difficult to disable the plugin you suspect to add this functionality for a few minutes to find out if it's really the plugin that adds the corresponding functionality.

    As it looks to me, the thewire_tools plugin does indeed have some sharing functionality. I've not the time to look in detail at the code of the plugin to give exact instructions on how to disable it. This is not a job of a couple of minutes but takes time, if you don't know the code already.

    Maybe the best way to proceed for you, if you don't know how to remove it, would be to open an issue at https://github.com/ColdTrick/thewire_tools/issues asking for the share option to be made an optional feature (meaning: adding a plugin setting to be able to disable it).