Uploaded Quicktime Files Have Corrupted Thumbnail Image


Whenever I upload a quicktime file to the 'files' section of my site, instead of getting some kind of thumbnail (even the generic 'files' thumbnail image) there is no picture and instead about 20 or 30 random characters. Here is an image showing what's going wrong:


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I'm not trying to get a thumnail directly related to the quicktime file, or even a special 'movie' thumbnail, at this stage even the generic 'files' icon would make me happy.

Lastly, a few bits of more specific information:

  • I had a look through the mysql database and the name and other details for the movie seem fine
  • I tried a couple of different video files and got the same result
  • The videos are small .mov files created exported from Final Cut Pro to Compressor
  • Normal files upload and have generic thumbnails just fine
  • I tried uploading the files from my Mac running OS X 10.5.7 and from a Windows XP 3 machine, and both resulted in the same thumnail corruption