Joomla & Elgg together via JFusion || JConnect

This week i found this two new possibilities of syncing Joomla and Elgg users, JConnect, already live, is working with Joomla and Elgg 1.5. It even include a Joomla module to show latest Elgg users in Joomla. Cool ! More info at:


JFusion (They just got a new programmer, nothing release yet, but they are working on it)

Uddhava dasa

  • Surely you're not trying to say that Drupal is better than Joomla? I'm shocked!

    OSCommerce / Magento would be nice I agree... also limesurvey version 2 looks pretty cool.

  • No, not Drupal.  :-)  ...A lesser known, but better CMS.  :-)   ...Also, there are better ecommerce solutions, open source, that are better than OSCommerce and Magento.  :-)  ...I'll leave these as a homework assignment for you.  :-)