Avatar upload and cropping not working

I am using Release - 1.9.7, Version - 2014050600 I am NOT using any addon theme.

Whenever I upload a graphic image for the admin avatar ( I have not tried this on other members yet ) I get the default picture for when a graphic image cannot be displayed. I have tried jpg, gif, and png all with the same result. I have tried a number of different sizes as well. When I have created groups, the upload and display work correctly.

The second issue I will forego for now as it may be resolved when this first issue is resolved.

So, if anyone has an idea as to the problem your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

thank you,


  • Matt, thank you for the reply.

    However, and I double checked it, the permissions and the path are correct. As I mentioned above, images for groups works just fine, ONLY the profile images do not. Currently, there are more than 50 group images on the site and all display just fine. So why profile images are a problem I do not seem to get a handle on.

  • You mention that you don't use any 3rd party theme. But do you use any 3rd party plugins? If that's the case, try with all of them disabled. Does it work then? If yes, the issue is caused by a 3rd party plugin - which you need to narrow down then. If it still doesn't work, you know at least that it's not caused by a plugin. What's the image file size you are trying to upload? If the image is too large, the problem might be due to memory consumption for resizing the image. But it should then at least work if you try uploading an image for testing already in use as group image.

  • iionly,

    Deactivating all the plugins worked. I activated them one at a time and the plugin Profile 1.9 by Core developers was the problem. As this is an important plugin, I need to find a plugin to replace it or find the problem in the code.

    thank you for the assistance,


  • The profile plugin does not cause these issues on any of my installations, are you sure you haven't modified/replaced anything in that plugin?

  • I have not touched ANY of the plugins. The ONLY places I have changed anything has to do with adding a default timezone and in the notifications.php  where I had to strip single quote from strings that were to be used in an email ( the email would go to never never land ).

    FWIW, I have issues where a piece of software works everywhere except in one situation. A real PIA.

  • @Shimon

    1 - Are you use the cache services (e.g. CloudFlare, Amazon etc) ?

    2 - What server you using (nginx, Apache..)?

    3 - Try deactivate (disable all checks) simple/system cache via Administartion -> Advanced Settings -> Caching (Tab) -> Use simple cache | Use system cache (both) and then upload/crop your avatar again

    4 - Try upload/crop avatar like as usual user but not admin

    Use these tips and report us ^)

  • RvR,

    The site is hosted on an Apache server ( Godaddy ). I disabled the simple & system cache and no change.

  • 1 - Are you use the cache services (e.g. CloudFlare, Amazon etc) ?

    4 - Try upload/crop avatar like as usual user but not admin

    What about this?

  • No, I am not using cache services, and 4 did not work.

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