alborg theme: How I can change header?

Can someone please point to files where I can change alborg theme header height? And to have an image in place of blue background on header?

  • Hello Inca,

    I'm new to Elgg and not really familiar with all of it's layout so I'm of limited help but I hope I can offer some assistance. If you use Firefox there is a plugin called Firebug which will help you find where in the css that information is stored. You will then be able to edit it.

    If it's a plugin in off of the /mod directory you might be able to check it's folder for a css file of the information you need.

    If you can provide a screen shot of the spot you are referring too and the url to your site I might be able to provide a little more assistance.


  • @inca

    In mod\aalborg_theme\views\default\css\elements\layout.php

    Edit styles after this:

    /***** PAGE HEADER ******/

  • Dear Dan and RvR thank you for answers. Sorry I saw now. I try!


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