Objects without owners. What to use as owner?

I need to make objects that are managed by admins and have no ownership. I considered just using the admin with lowest GUID, but I don't want any user's deletion/disabling to take out these objects.

Should I use the site_guid? Any conventions here?

  • We use site_guid a lot for content that should be persistent.

    Examples for us are index widgets (widget manager) and static pages (static)

  • The only problem if use site_guid is that in case that you have to display these entities, as user icon will display the elgg missing icon (a question mark), which doesn't look so nice....


  • Consensus on site_guid - I do that a lot for the same reasons and I've never run into any problems with it.

    @nylberakis - if you provide a view for them, or you control the environment such that you know they won't be viewed with the default object view then that's a non-issue.

  • Did we fix that bug that if you try to display ElggSite in owner block, you get redirected to the / ? Apart from that I don't remember other problems with setting site as owner_guid