Unable to add images to blog posts and pages

We've found we can no longer add images to blog posts - the icon is there, and a pop-up pops up, with the window has no features, no way of adding an image, etc. This is very odd, as it was there in our previous version.

Here's a sample: http://www.nate.org.uk/network/blog/view/76993/creating-your-own-blog-on-nate-network

Ironically, it's a help page - and I want to add screenshots, as here:


Currently: Release - 1.8.19, Version - 2014012000.

The embed plugin didn't seem to be activated, but it now is - and doesn't make a difference, as far as I can see.

  • For embedding to work it's necessary that the embed plugin is enabled. Additionally, the file plugin needs to be enabled. If it still fails with these two plugins enabled a 3rd party plugin you recently added or updated might cause the problem. In this case you would need to find out what plugin it is (temporarily disabled the 3rd party plugins until you found the offending one).