The end of 2014 and roadmap after 1.10

While we are hard at work releasing 1.10 and running through all the tickets i can see us ending up with 700 tickets open at the end of 2014! That's a big reduction on tickets compared to 3 months ago (1000+). Thanks to everyone for helping to get all that work done.

However this still means that there are a lot of tickets left. For 1.11 i consider the following topics important to work on (in no particular order):

  • performance / caching (memcache)
  • ajaxifiing stuff (pagination, comments etc)
  • pull discussion out into its own plugin
  • general way of handling icons (dev usability)

This is just my personal interest, i would like to hear more people about what should be the focus for 1.11

  • I added several "big picture" ideas as milestones to GitHub a while ago. These issues we're bringing up here seem to largely rehash what is listed there.

    I will continue to try to find time to make progress on comments/activity ajax stuff. I think where I got stuck was on the menus aspect, honestly.

    But as always, the stuff that gets done is not really determined by what we decide to focus on. It's determined by whatever itch we decide to scratch.

Feedback and Planning

Feedback and Planning

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