Pluging "Ckeditor" is not showing in my plugin list

I've all files of plugin "Ckeditor" at mod folder but couldn't find it at my plugin page, please help.

  • Have you had any other ckeditor plugin installed at any time in the past apart from the ckeditor plugin that is now bundled with Elgg 1.9 / 1.10?

  • I've probably did install ckeditor during 1.8 and way before 1.9. Could it be a database issue? Or something not parsing correctly?

  • I managed to fixed this issue, it really was a database issue. I looked up "ckeditor" via phpmyadmin and an entry showed up as "CKeditor." Delete that and the plugin will show up on the list again.

  • Hit the same problem on Elgg 1.12.3 just after upgrade with a simple "custom plugin". Like Cim, deleted the plugin entry  in elgg_objects_entity table via phpmyadmin and the plugin showed up in the plugin list.

  • I haven't experienced this, can anyone give any instructions on how to reproduce it?

  • @Matt: I suspect that the bug to show up involves some fork / alternative of the ckeditor plugin installed previously. Maybe the plugin id (or absence of it or the exact notation of id or name possible even with upper/lower case letters) plays a role here, too.

  • @Matt probably happens when you use ckeditor during 1.8 and then upgrade to 1.9+.

  • In my case, I hit it when I upgraded a site from 1.8 to 1.12.3. In in-between versions I have only updated the Tidypics, as it required upgrade in one version.  All other plugins were disabled in 1.8 prior to upgrade and not installed up until 1.12.3. I do not recall having installed CKeditor ever in 1.8, as far as I can tell. It is activated in 1.12.3 though.

    In any case, I hit the problem not with CKeditor but with a custom "plugin" of few lines. I thought the issue was something to do with file ownership or access rights of the copied files. But when I simply deleted the db entry it worked. So I have not checked the rest.

  • Strange... I've upgraded 5 sites from 1.8 -> 1.12 to date and haven't experienced it.  That said, I've never used ckeditor in 1.8 which seems like it may or may not be a factor.  If anyone has a copy of a db where this is happening I'll take a look.