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If a member click in a group the link "Add a topic" to create a new discussion he have to select the the access to "Group: Groupname". Why is it not selected automatically?

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  • By default a groups access is not restricted. In this case the pre-selected access level when adding any content to a group is the same as the site's default access level. Unfortunately, there's currently no setting to make the group's specific access level the default for new content for an unrestricted group.

    If you want all content of a group to be visible only to group members (more precisely: it will only deal with new content but not existing content), you can set the "Accessibility of group content" to "Members only" in the group's settings page.

  • @Benjamin

    Makes sense. Like in some forums scripts, you don't have to select a forum to create a thread. The new thread is created in the section you are reading.

    There are several privacy things that bug me in the groups profile. It doesn't affect elgg but it just bugs me.

  • @iionly

    It is really confusing for the users. They are in a group, and clicking a link within this group an then they have to select the group by creating a new discussion. They forgot it and then it is not saved in the group.

    Is there a "hack" or somthing like this to fix it?

  • oh. I think I interprate the effect of this filed wrong.

    It is saved within the group, but any one can access this discussion?

    And "Private" means that only the creator can see it?

  • Yes, it gets saved inside the group. The access defines who can see it (Private = only the creator).