Help. Another blank page after install. I have tried everything available online.

Here are my specs:
GoDaddy shared Linux hosting
MySQL 5.0
PHP 5.0

Here are my steps:
Have my domain name base out of
I copy the elgg files to my hosted server
I create the data folder
On the data folder, CHMOD it to 777
Go to my page,, it immediately forwards to
I put in my DB settings, which it confirms successful.
Then I get to the System Settings page, which I fill out completely:
Site Name: Blah Elgg
Site Dsec: An Elgg to Blah on
Site Add:
Full path: godaddy/xxx/sites/elgg/site/
Data path: godaddy/xxx/sites/elgg/data/
View: default
Lang: Eng
As for the checkboxes, I leave the last 2 checked, as default.

After that, I click on save, and i get a blank page, sitting on:

and it sits there, with no output, no errors, nothing.


If I am a moron and missed something on the internets, please link me, because I am close to calling it quits with elgg. =(