editing the WHOLE log in page

Hello, I am finishing up my site and I am having issues with editing the index page (The page that is blank except for the login screen. Its also the page that is seen before you login and also after you logout.)  I have tried a couple of the widget plugins and they either don't work at all or they do not do anything near what I am trying to do.  There was one that was made by a 12 year old...It DID make changes to the right page but it did NOT have any options I could find, Made my page look horrible and well...It looked like a 12 year old made it no doubt. I had used a FB theme where this screen was 100% editted with photos, txt and links...I'd really like to nicely show the latest photos and the newest members as well as a txt area to sell the site  (win them over and get them to join) 

I appreciate any and all help.  My elgg can be found at http://darkvue.com/social/

  • Hi,

    I'm curious as to how this can be resolved too.

    I tried a lot on this subject last year, and ended up creating a static page using the plugin "loginrequired" V1.8.3 from iionly. But it doesn't allow the same theme, widgets etc.


  • The Widget Manager plugin and (optionally) the Homepage CMS plugin additionally allow for configuration of an index page (and separate page for users not logged in). The resulting page will be widget based. You can add index page widgets to other plugins that the Widget Manager plugin will be able to add to the index page then. Whenever suitable I've already added such index page widgets to the plugins I've released (e.g. Tidypics, iZAP Videos, Polls, News etc.).

    If you want to define the layout of your index page / login page completely free, you need to work directly on the code. The bundled custom_index plugin can be used as a starting point. For example the Loginrequired plugin adds an index page for logged-out visitors following the same pattern as the custom_index plugin regarding the structure of the code. As the idea of the Loginrequired plugin is to hide the content from users not-logged in its index page consists only of the login widget on purpose. But it would be very easy to add addtional widgets (taking the custom_index plugin as an example of how to do it) or setting up the index page freely using html/php/JS code.

  • Hi IIonly,

    could you please help me with this concept as to how to code it and where to apply this plugi...as im also planning to create a static page for my users both when logged in and when logged out...ur affability will be highly appreciated

  • I second the recommendation for Widget Manager. It gives you a ton of control to build a decent layout very quickly.