Hi all,

I can't remember when this issue started, and can't really find much on this issue:

I am now on Elgg 1.9.4 and tried two webservices plugins, but nothing resolves this error so far.

Please provide me an indication on how to resolve this issue, i've spent a lot of time on this already.



  • Oops, picture didn't come thru, the issue is:

    The web services are now a plugin in Elgg 1.9. You must enable this plugin and update your web services to use elgg_ws_expose_function().

  • You need to enable web services plugin and prefix functions that are already used in your code. Ie. you now use elgg_ws_expose_function instead of expose_function.

    It's actually exactly what message is supposed to tell you.

  • Yes thanks,

    I know that, but the question is how to enable webservices, or even where to get the right plugin.

    I found a thread that described how to enable the web API via the Advanced Settings Admin menu, but I was not able to have that option show up so far. And, I installed Webservices 1.0 and Community Webservices 1.9, without luck.

    The latter adds a "test" item to the deverloper admin menu, but it doesn't work.


  • And another addition is that, when I install the "Community Web Services 1.9.1" it can not be activated, because 2 plugins are not present:
    - Community Plugins
    - Web_services


  • We're talking about web_services bundled plugin that is present in all 1.9.x GPLv2 packages. The name on the list is "Web services"

  • I understand, but I don't see that as a plugin, or as an entry in the Advanced settings.

    So question remains how that services should show up/can be activated.

    Thanks again

  • Do you have directory /mod/web_services/ or not?

    If yes, is manifest.xml and start.php file present in it?

    Are you 100% sure that it's not present on the plugins list? Using ctrl+f doesn't hurt - just to be sure.

  • No, I didn't get/don't have that directory by default, and also not after upgrading from Elgg V1.8.6 to V1.9.2, and then to V1.9.4.
    The only instances where I had a sort-alike directory under /mod was when I manually installed some plugins as described above.

    I really don't want to start with a fresh Elgg V1.9.4 installation to resolve this issue, as I have done a lot of work earlier within V1.8.x.


  • Hi Pawel,

    Just as a thought, this paticulair website (for which I started this support thread) is not yet operational.

    However, I do have another Elgg website with 61 users, which is functioning fine for roughly 97%, with 154 active plugins, running on V1.8.6 at present.

    To resolve this issue at hand, I'm willing to try to upgrade it to V1.9.4, if that would help to resolve this issue as described in this thread.


  • If you're using MIT package (-mit suffix in file name and MIT license in LICENSE.txt), it won't contain any plugins as they're all licensed only on GPLv2. You may still copy the plugin from the corresponding GPLv2 package.

    You need to figure out on your own if it suits you though. Have a look at: http://learn.elgg.org/en/latest/intro/license.html