Error displaying language in pop-up window


When the pop-up window is displayed, the shown text is the raw string.

I´ve checked my language files and are ok:

'question:areyousure' => 'Are you sure?',

Also cleared the cache... Any suggestion to solve this issue?

I´ve Elgg 1.8.20


  • From which plugin is this popup window created? Maybe it's noting wrong within the language file but the raw string might be echoed by the plugin (i.e. echo 'question:areyousure';) instead of echo elgg_echo('question:areyousure');. In this case this bug would have to be fixed in the plugin's code.

  • @iionly is from the Elgg core, file /js/lib/ui.js

    This is the code:

    elgg.ui.requiresConfirmation = function(e) {
            var confirmText = $(this).attr('rel') || elgg.echo('question:areyousure');
            if (!confirm(confirmText)) {

    I´ve tested with elgg_echo('question:areyousure') but dont works, what´s wrong?


  • I see with Profile Manager plugin the same problem happens, this is the code:

    if(error_count > 0){

                            } else {
                                    result = true;

                            return result;

    Maybe a javascript problem?


  • What action are you performing that gives you this popup with the raw string? I don't think that the problem is in Elgg core but I can't say for sure because I don't know what exactly you are doing when getting this confirmation popup.

  • @iionly for example when you try to delete an user, or if you dont fill all the mandatory fields and try to register (with Profile Manager enabled)

  • I've never had an issue with it.

    Language strings are loaded by ajax on pageload - it's possible you are creating the alert before the language strings are loaded, but you'd probably have to be trying for that to happen.  Watch the network tab of developer tools and see if the language file is being requested, and if there are any problems with the request if it is.

  • @Matt where is that tab?, I´ve looked for it in the development menu in the admin section but I don´t found it.


  • In chrome - right click, inspect element, tabs along the top

    Screenshot of the language file fetching here on the community site:

  • Yes @Matt, the file is loaded, all the texts in page are displayed ok, except popup text.

    Any other idea to solve this rare problem??


  • This is really RARE!!!, I´ve realized this problem happens with all site languages except with english language.

    Any idea about the reason????