Looking for a dependable website hosting service provider

Hi All,

I want to launch my business website for which I am looking for such a service provider who offers both domain name and hosting services at an affordable price. My friend using domain name and hosting services from BigRock (http://www.bigrock.in/) gave me positive feedback. If anyone knows better hosting service provider, kindly suggest me.


  • Hello Rituparna,

    I have had a good relationship with BigRock with my domain names.

    For hosting, however, I'd recommend DigitalOcean. They provide cheap cloud VPSs and their performance is really awesome. Use it with CloudFlare and your elgg site will have an enhanced protection and better performance.


    ~ Cheers!

  • For hosting, I'd recommend ArckCloud. We've been developing and hosting high-traffic Elgg sites since 2009 and have the extensive experience optimizing infrastructure for Elgg. Shoot me an email at paul.stewart@arckcloud.com and we can determine which plan would be best for you.

  • @Shouvik Mukherjee Can you please tell if its as easy as conventional cpanel hosting? What is a droplet? What OS and how to choose? What php version I am bound to use? Do they support multiple php version like conventional cpanel (shared) hosts?

    BTW - can you please make iShouvik Profile 1.8 work seamlessly with with Elgg 1.9.4 ?

  • @Dranii: Well, creating new Droplets (Cloud VPS Instances) on DO is quite easy with its easy to select packages. You can choose from a wide range of Linux flavours. There are ready to use LAMP packages available a mere click away.

    You can backup and allocate resources i.e. RAM, CPU Cores, etc. from its hosting panel.

    Unfortunately, none of the droplets come with CPanel or Plesk and I think it's a good thing. It essentially does two things:
    1. You can get more out of your droplets i.e. the resources are not drained to CPanel
    2. CPanel requires a license fee and doing away with CPanel enables the DO team to keep the price low.

    I personally feel it's quite easy to manage your server even without CPanel if you know how to operate with some basic commands and FTP clients like FileZilla or even Nautilus.

    If you deliberately require a GUI, you can install CPanel yourself. Or, you can go for some free alternatives like ZPanel.


    iShouvik Profile 1.8 Upgrade:
    Unfortunately, I have not been with Elgg for a long time and because of I couldn't upgrade my plugin. I am trying to get back to Elgg and although I cannot disclose any specific roadmap for my plugin upgrades, it certainly is on the pipeline.

    ~ Cheers!

  • Here's an easy to follow tutorial available on the official DO Community.



    Let me know if you need any help, I'd be happy to assist you.

  • Hi all, my favorite hosting provider is Amazon Web Services. Companies as Pinterest, Menéame or Adobe are in AWS, and now Amazon gives you two servers (Web and BBDD),( 1xVCPU, 1GB Mem, SSD.../each one) for free for one year. 

    The point is provably you´ll need support to create the infraestructure or management, I can help from www.cloudaws.es


  • @Javier: AWS is favourite too but, it could be a bit too expensive for casual use.

  • http://mifrndz.com is my elgg site hosted by bigrock.in without any problem

  • you have any query please contact me..i will help you

  • @V06, I was testing your app mifrndz on Android smartphone and the site seams to reset once the phone screen is rotated.

    This is one scenario - once a user login and goes to quize page and starts the test and if the user wants to rotate the phone so that the letters can display properly, the site reloads, the test is scored or graded and the user is then sent to the site default page. Finally, the user has to wait for one hour to retake the exam.

    ~ Comment posted from a smartphone ~

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