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I have been reading a lot about facebook and how they are set up, I would like to know if Elgg is PHP only or can it handle other languages?



  • Elgg is written in PHP, plugins are PHP only.  I'm not sure what you mean by 'can handle other languages' but the answer is no.

  • That's a badly asked question. Elgg is a PHP framework, so the answer to your question as for almost every PHP framework is no.

    You ask about languages, but link to article speaking about something different.

    • Elgg integrates with memcached, check settings.php
    • Last time I've checked, Elgg wasn't running smoothly on hiphop, though there were several changes since that time, so perhaps it's worth revisiting: https://github.com/Elgg/Elgg/issues/6248 I don't recommend it for a production use at the moment.
    • You can implement custom file storages in Elgg
    • It's possible to combine Elgg with middleware solution to construct page from computed separately parts, ie. the system I was designing (if you dare to bare with my terrible accent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhISiQuc6OQ).
    • Minds made cassandra fork of Elgg, though it's not open-source'd just yet AFAIK
    • There's no Thrift support in Elgg, but nothing stops you from using it https://thrift.apache.org/tutorial/php, I wouldn't expect good ROI there and I can't vouch for a stability of this extension
    • Elgg integrates well with Varnish if you know what to cache and what not in your Varnish configuration. If made correctly, you can gain a lot by using it.
    • For profiling, I can recommend Xdebug, though that's not something to keep constantly enabled on production site.

    That's regarding topics in the article. Please ask more precise questions in future.

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