Having problems making hypealive responsive on mobile

Am currently having problems with hypealive, it's nt being responsive on mobile but works well on computers and android phones, but doesn't respond on non-javascript browser's such as uc web on javaphones, When the comment or reply link is clicked on, it just changes colour but doesn't load the comment box. Pls can someone help out on this problem, my site url is www.peepscrib.com.....load it on a java phone using uc web or opera mini to see wat am talking about. Thanks in advance peeps.

  • The issue isn't the plugin, it's the theme you're using. It's not a responsive theme. This is firefox on my laptop in mobile resolution:

  • Ohh thanks cim, sorry for replying late......kinda lost track of my own post.....will change the theme and try it....can you recommend a good theme for me?...thanks