Elgg in Reddit

I was surprised to see that Elgg is not present on Reddit. I created a channel for this community and leave available to administrators ... 


  • Thanks, though I'm not sure I want another place to monitor for support.  There has been discussion here in the past about keeping the community here support based and keeping off-topic stuff out.  Maybe reddit could be a place for elggers to off-topic, and have a sticky on reddit reminding people that the community exists here for support.

  • Yea, historically we've just encouraged people to stick to the Elgg community site and eat our own dogfood. The community hasn't ever really adopted fragmenting to sites like Stack Overflow, Reddit, G+, Facebook, etc.

    Twitter seems to be the one place where there's a non-negligible amount of Elgg traffic/discussion/announcement.

  • But thanks for wanting to spread the word! We do have to figure out a better publicity strategy :)

  • I don't know if Reddit would be useful. I think we should keep support here.