Admin Reading Private Messages

We're looking for volunteers to test / provide content to test.

We're have PlugIns in development that intend to implement some futuristic-like algorithms for detecting bad content. This has been called the "Zaptor". We studied the logic within Brett's BigBrother PlugIn v0.3 , the OpenSource code cc 2006 which BigBrother was probably based upon,  the logic inside MessagesInterceptor (Carlos/DC).

Anyone interested - please message me.

  • If you need help writing it out, I can certainly volunteer my time and services for that. Unfortunately, my ability with coding and implementing the code may be limited but if you give me details of what you do, I can write it all out in an easy to understand, comprehensive manner. 

  • we been there
    we coded that
    we coded "top-secret" code not released for free public access. 
    What can you offer.. in exchange .. for real  ?

  • What do you mean content? I am no coder but can volunteer to write content.

    Can also volunteer my website to be used to test if the codes are good.



  • Zaptor is a cross functional spam-style, bad content detector and handler. It has been created from the intensive design sessions between Carlos and myself at about the time Messages Interceptor was coded.

    We have also used Brett's BigBrother approach and studied several popular open source content censor apps available. Certain other math-oriented approaches, eg Bayesian, Cognitive Pattern Recognition, Link Analysis, etc were looked into to try and come up with a streamlined content scanner.

    I will post here when I have had a chance to setup a test area on my server. Then you can all see what help I'm looking for and what Zaptor v0.1 can do. describes the details on how your involvement will operate. Zaptor will be eventually made available as a free utility and also as commercial version.

  • oki ;-) i have uploaded the initial cut of the code for anyone who wants to contribute and be involved with testing this exciting new development in the arena of spam protection and site safety. the url for the initial test version is

    when you go there - you should be able to intuitively see what can be done and how anyone can test and contribute. any comments, glitches, problems, suggestions.. just post back here or PM me if your suggestions might need to reference offensive content. regards and happy spam testing, zaptoring.

    also y'all have a happy holiday season b/c i'm gonna be unwinding soon myself.

    i need a vacation ;)

    testing seems to be progressing rather well. there's been some interesting feedback so far.
    Looks like the Zaptor might become the next "sliced bread" for spam / bad language detection.