A way to send global email for every new activity

Hi all, I am new to elgg and am using 1.9.3

We have a closed social network for 50 employees who automatically become friends with everyone when they first register.  Is there a way, or a plugin already out there, to send an email to EVERY user when something new happens.

I currently run River Addon with The Wire being shown on the activity page.  Most users use this - so can an email be sent to everyone when someone posts on the wire, then when a page is created or a blog.

Any help would be great.



  • This should happen automatically, if the existing users have selected email as notification method for the "All friends" setting at www.site.org/notifications/personal/<username&gt;.

    When a new friend is added, they are automatically included to that notification subscription.

    So perhaps what you need is a plugin that automatically adds "email" to the "All friends" setting for new users when they register?

  • Hi Kaakkola, that's what I thought so I setup a test site.

    The site has one admin and one user.  I use two browsers to login to both profiles.

    I have made both of them friends and changed the friends notification to both email and site for both personal and friends.


    I have tried a wire post, a new file ad new page but no email gets received.  I have done the obvious with spam folder in email etc and don't have any error logs regarding emails.... what am I missing?

    I do have auto river update installed and a couple of other plugins but don't think it is that, but would it make a difference if I put the Site Notifications 1.9 plug to the bottom of the list?

    Thanks again


  • Ah, sorry. I didn't read your post well enough. No, it's not possible to send notifications to everyone from events that concern only a single user (e.g. someone gets a like or a comment).

    However action like creating of a new blog should however sent a notification to all friends who have subscribed to new notifications. If this is not happening, see this thread: https://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1906148/group-notifications-problem

  • Firstly, sorry for the typo on your name in my previous post and also missing Juho off.

    So.... thank you Juho for such a good reply.  I have done a suggested with reading the thread and it worked.

    Many many thanks and I am sorry if this is just from not reading the instructions.

    Many kind regards

  • @wooshman Actually this can be done, but you will have to extend (for example) the wire action so that it will mail every single user on your network.

    I've done it in the past by extending the files plugin action, grab all the users registered and then use the php mail function to send the notification that someone shared a file. However you have to be very careful because constant emailing could lead to a server blacklisting .

  • @ RJ

    "I've done it in the past by extending the files plugin action, grab all the users registered and then use the php mail function to send the notification that someone shared a file."

    That's easy for you to say...lol - I am struggling to come to grips with it all at present and wouldn't know where to start.

    As for blacklisting, I have a 15 minute cron setup which is working for all new activities except new "The Wire" posts.

    Any help with sending a mail to everyone when a new Wire post is made would be most appreciated.  Sorry for being a noob, but we all start somewhere.


  • Update:

    I changed the cron to mysite.com//cron/minute and the new wire posts get sent via email too.

    So everything seems to be working.

    Thanks to both that posted.

  • @Juho

    I have found a plugin to set all notifications for friends to on by default.  https://community.elgg.org/plugins/814747/0.2/default-notifications-settings

    A slight change of two file names and works with 1.9.

    Problems solved, thanks again.