Event calendar additional features

Just wondering if the following features make sense, and how best to extend Event Calendar for same. i.e. Reuse code & create new plugin, or a new version of Event Calendar itself?

1) Ability to add self-created (i.e. non-site, non-group) events to Personal Calendar

2) Ability to share events in Personal Calendar using Access Drop-down

3) Ability to view and comment on shared Friends' events

Above would enable people to let selected groups of people know events they are hosting/interested-in/attending, and for their network/circle, i.e. *friends* to know about the same, and join in, communicate about same, etc.

Regards, Manoj

  • Hi,

    1.  will likely be added soon (to be allowed as an admin-selected toggle).

    2. events already have access controls

    3. will look into this

  • Hi Kevin I'm interested on how to translate date strings (month, etc.). Is on Event_calendar plugin or core? Where?

    Thanks! Aram

  • I just use the standard PHP/jQuery systems for this, so you'll have to check the appropriate documentation there.

    There is nothing hardcoded.

    As I expect you know, date localisation is an inconsistent mess in PHP and JavaScript so it won't be completely straightforward.

    I should create some more detailed docs for this so people don't have to hunt around - perhaps in the next release.

  • Hi Kevin

    I tried translating event_calendar, but when I change ui.datepicker.packed.js event_calendar cannot save dates anymore. Instead it gives me "1 Jan 70" as date adn then the events kind of goes into a black hole and cannot be found (unless you know the ID).

    Can the ui.datepicker.packed.js be replaced by a better datepicker, perhaps one that can be translated?

    Also the formatting of dates needs to be changeable, in Denmark we use this format: day d. dd mm yyyy

    Is there any way to change the formatting easy?


    Hope you can help

    Thanks for a great plugin, slyhne

  • Hi slyhne,

    JQuery is the standard JS library for Elgg and is widely used. The datepicker is also widely used and yes, it can and has been translated in many different applications.

    But for now, you are going to have to figure out to do that yourself or ask other Elgg developers to help.

    A quick Google returns this link:


    But I assume that you've already seen that and read it carefully if you are posting here?

  • Hi Kevin

    Wasn't aware of the JQuery website, thanks for pointing me in the right direction..